Moonlight Room | Alghero Sunrise Guest House

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Moonlight Room

Spacious double room with the addition of a third bed.
This is the shell room… Read carefully what hidden magic lies here.

On Monday mornings, be sure to collect two along the seashore; they should preferably be mother-of-pearl coloured or white.

Using the tip of a pin, engrave your first name at the top and your surname at the bottom (if necessary, you can also prepare it for another person, to be given as a gift: in this case, scratch the name and surname of the person for whom the gift is intended).

Then drill a small hole in the top, taking care not to break it, and place it in a silver chain...Give them to your loved one and let them wear them for the duration of the holiday or trip. Your love will be intense, tenacious and happy.


  • air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi
  • flat-screen TV with satellite decoder
  • cordless electric kettle to meet the needs of adults and children
  • large en-suite bathroom
  • courtesy kit
  • hairdryer with diffuser always available
  • mini fridge