Sardinian-style furnishings | Alghero Sunrise Guest House Alghero

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All the rooms have been made by local craftsmen, who have taken special care of each room, reinterpreting the typical Sardinian tradition.

Paying special attention to your safety, the Alghero Sunrise staff chose all fireproof materials.

Strictly hand-painted and hand-carved, the furnishings feature stylised designs of some important ancestral and profound Sardinian symbols:

The lapwing: an elegant bird that has feathers with bronze, red and green highlights. Its song is melancholic, like the countryside of Sardinia, but its presence heralds the arrival of spring. It is a very ancient symbol of fertility and abundance, so ancient that it has been lost in the mists of time.

The Sardinian lapwing, or gallinella, can be found in almost all handicrafts: chests, tapestries, jewellery, talismans and even in festive bread; it is still a good luck charm, an auspicious effigy.

The lily: it is a flower that appears with an unexpected flare of colour, among the mountain meadows, in the pastures and on the steep and karst slopes, like our promontory, called Punta Giglio.

The shell:  precious and delicate, since ancient times there was the belief that the shell possessed the power of protection, especially the power to protect those who are far from home, or from the homeland. That is why in Sardinia, giving a shell to a guest is a sign of great hospitality. On Monday mornings, be sure to collect two along the seashore; they should preferably be mother-of-pearl coloured or white.

Using the tip of a pin, engrave your first name at the top and your surname at the bottom. Then drill a small hole in the top, taking care not to break it, and place it in a silver chain. Give them to your loved one and let them wear them for the duration of the holiday or trip. Your love will be intense, tenacious and happy.

Coral: the "red gold" of the Mediterranean. Over the centuries, it has been used as an ornament, a material for making artwork, a talisman, a medicinal remedy and even as money. It is the symbol of the city of Alghero, also called the "Coral Riviera".

The donkey: The small Sardinian donkeys are still able to climb the steep mountains of the island and for long centuries, have been faithful helpers of farmers and shepherds. It was the donkey that moved the millstones and from the millstones came the flour, from the flour the bread...

It was the donkey that carried the wood that was needed for the inexpensive kitchens and to heat the houses during the long winter nights. The donkey was treated as a member of the family and is therefore a powerful symbol of the innermost and most folk-rooted Sardinia.